Endocrine Conditions

The Center for Psychosexual Health’s mission is to promote the best care possible for children and adolescents who may be experiencing a range of endocrine disorders and sexual developmental concerns. The Center, along with a partnership from the Children’s Growth Foundation (CGF), follows a model of care for these children and their families based on a team approach which includes the family, mental health professionals, and medical specialists.

The Center for Psychosexual Health and CGF also provides opportunities to socialize and network with other families going through similar experiences. We strive to ensure that no child who is a patient of the Endocrine Clinic of Women and Children's Hospital of Buffalo (WCHOB) ever goes without essential care; to that end, if treatment is cost prohibitive, the CGF may be able to provide families with needed medical supplies.
Sexually Inappropriate Behavior Buffalo, NY
Transgender Therapy Buffalo, NY
CGF has been assisting children and families in the Western New York area since 1965. As a 501(c)3, the foundation provides funding for Dr. Mazur and his staff, who specialize in the field of endocrine conditions and sexual developmental concerns. This service is one of a kind; no one offers support to these patients and families like CGF and this Center.

To learn more about the CGF, how to become a board member, or to view upcoming events, visit our website or email Danielle Cook, Executive Director at daniellecookcgf@yahoo.com.

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