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Welcome to The Center for Psychosexual Health

The term psychosexual recognizes that sexuality encompasses mind and body, both which develop in childhood and adolescence. For the past 30 years, Dr. Mazur’s focus has been on the developmental process that contributes to healthy sexual development. The Center for Psychosexual Health is committed to serving children, adolescents, adults and families struggling with wide range of chronic endocrine and sexual developmental disorders and concerns. Dr. Mazur is a well known and respected counseling psychologist for the Buffalo, NY area. Dr. Mazur and his well trained staff are committed to providing the best care possible for their patients. For more information on how The Center for Psychosexual Health can help you and your family, please call our office at (716) 878-7815 and speak to our intake counselor.

Areas of Focus

  • Sexually Inappropriate Behavior (SIB)
  • Gender Dysphoria
  • Gender Identity confusion or questioning
  • Sexuality confusion or concerns
  • Endocrine conditions such as Disorders of Sex Development (DSD’s)

Population Served

Children, adolescents, adults and families who are in need of psychological and support services for various challenges that might prevent healthy sexual development. Dr. Mazur is a licensed psychologist and is trusted throughout all of Buffalo, NY.

Fees For Service

We accept many insurance plans. For those without insurance we offer a sliding scale based on household income. Individuals (10-18) on Medicaid involved in Sexually Inappropriate Behavior (SIB), may be eligible for free services through a grant from the Office of Children and Family Services. Please call our office for more details.



140 Hodge Avenue
Buffalo, NY 14222
  Mailing Address
219 Bryant Street
Buffalo, NY 14222

Services Provided

  • Assessments
  • Individual or Family Counseling
  • Community Outreach
  • Individual and Family Advocacy
  • Education
  • Support

For questions or to make a referral, call (716) 878-7815 and speak to our intake counselor.

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